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Top 20 Most Earned Social Capital (All time)

Yasmine Atari 1
+2250sc earned social capital
Razzak Zayed 2
+2156sc earned social capital
Grace Batchoun 3
+2103sc earned social capital
Kenza Ismail 4
+2005sc earned social capital
Jordan Thornton 5
+1777sc earned social capital
Ofer Neiman 6
+1474sc earned social capital
Firas Arafat 7
+1314sc earned social capital
Frances Everett 8
+1287.20sc earned social capital
Nadine Lumley 9
+1171.40sc earned social capital
Chris Zhora 10
+1151.20sc earned social capital
Sandra Streifel 11
+1127sc earned social capital
Hatem Alkhatib 12
+1047sc earned social capital
Blaine Cameron 13
+1008sc earned social capital
Dimitri Lascaris 14
+985sc earned social capital
Amir Abdul Reda 15
+975sc earned social capital
Elaine Shuhaibar 16
+967sc earned social capital
Fabio Corvaglia 17
+913sc earned social capital
Patricia Jean 18
+849.40sc earned social capital
Henry Zaidan 19
+823sc earned social capital
Bassam Hajj 20
+793.40sc earned social capital
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